Pizza is for sharing, pizza is about being together. At home or at the pizzeria, what's important is being together!

Strapizza flour was developed for use by professional pizzaiolos, to help them make quality pizzas and give them the opportunity to add their own special, unique touches.

Today, Strapizza is also available at home, giving free rein to your creativity while you share good times with your family and friends.

Today, you can buy Strapizza to give free rein to your creativity at home.

Industria Molitoria Perteghella s.a.s. has created a complete range of soft flour and special mixes expressly dedicated to home pizzaiolos. The many varieties in many formats can meet every taste and every method for making pizza.

Whether pan or Naples-style pizza, deep pan or crispy dough, quick or slow rise, STRAPIZZA has the perfect flour for excellent results to take your pizza making to a whole new level.

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