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What is flour strenght? (W)

Flour "strength" indicates the strength of the dough and its resistance to leavening. Therefore the higher the W index (e.g. W=180) the longer the leavening time.

As a result of the longer leavening time, it takes longer to make the final product. If you are in a hurry, choose a low W, if you're making dough to make pizza the next day, use flour with a high W.

The more refined the flour, the lower the W index, the lower the W index, the less water the flour absorbs.

In addition, flour with a lower W index forms a weaker and wider dough.

Soft flour is the most highly refined and has a W index of between 90 and 180. It absorbs up to 50% of its weight in water.

Plain flour has a W index of between 180 and 250 and absorbs up to 65% of water. The index increases for strong or very strong types of flour, up to Manitoba flour which is flour with W index equal to or higher than 350, absorbing up to 90% of its weight.

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