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Water everywhere

Every product needs a different level of hydration and the right flour. We are talking about pizza.

In this case, we need to think about hydration while taking the desired end product into consideration.

Let's consider a pan pizza and a round pizza. If we think of how these two shapes are handled and baked, a pan pizza can have a high percentage of water  (up to 90%) while the round pizza we put in the oven on a pizza paddle must be dryer (with a percentage of about 55% water) to make it manageable without ruining the dough.

And of course the type of flour plays a vital role, because we need to take its strength and the time it takes to absorb the right amount of water into consideration, without letting it get too soft and sticky, and to obtain the right degree of elasticity to be able to shape and bake it. Wholemeal flour absorbs more water than a more refined flour, and a stronger flour absorbs more water than a less strong flour.

With correct hydration and kneading, we get a softer pizza, which has perfect air pockets and which is easier to digest.

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