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Use the right tools to make your StraPizza

Just a few simple tools are all it takes to quickly prepare a tasty, delicious pizza.

We begin with a surface of at least 50x70cm to spread out the dough. A marble surface is ideal to massage the leavening; it is slippery and just the right cool temperature. Alternatively, we can use a classic wooden board for fresh pasta. This is much lighter, but it is also stickier.


Use a spatula for shaping, and to divide the dough before leavening and to keep the work surface where you spread the dough out clean.

Using a mozzarella cone grater, cut the mozzarella into very small pieces that melt on the pizza. This is very helpful when making a number of pizzas at a time.

The pizza baking stone acts like the cooking surface of a traditional wood oven. It is made with materials that reach very high temperatures and remain constant and uniform throughout the cooking process, and is suitable for both a gas and electric oven.

In addition, we need a perforated pizza pan. This is a non-stick, perforated pan to help the aeration of food while cooking.

Lastly, a pizza cutter or pizza scissors are useful for cutting our pizzas, without marking or ruining the pan or any other tools.

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