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Unsure about what yeast to use?

Fresh or dry brewer's yeast, bread starter, dry bread starter or natural yeast. These are the types we use for biological leavening and therefore for baking bread.

Bread starter has been used for centuries for home baking and is commonly considered the most biological choice. It needs to be fed once a week, and clearly this can be done when we are making bread.

With brewer's yeast, the dough rises for just a few hours. When the dough has doubled in size, it is considered to be risen. Fresh brewer's yeast has an expiration date, as opposed to bread starter which, if fed properly, never expires.

Dry brewer's yeast can result in a very rapid rise. It is simply dissolved in water before use.

Dry bread starter can contain farro, Kamut or wheat flour, with active dry yeast compressed into a cake. It does not need to be dissolved in water before use and leavening takes about three hours.

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