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The perfect tomato

Tomato: it goes on the dough before all the other ingredients and sometimes it is the feature ingredient. What is the right type for pizza?

The guidelines for Naples-style pizza mention “crushed peeled tomatoes”, but which ones should you use? The market today certainly offers a vast selection of products, but quality ingredients should always be used to create a good final product, and pizza with tomatoes that are lacking in flavour do not do a pizza justice.

We can get ready-to-use classic tomato purée, cubed, and whole peeled tomatoes. The first saves time, as long as you check the label: you need to know the product you are working with. Chopped tomatoes have the consistency of tomato flesh and we can bite into them together with the other ingredients. Lastly, peeled tomatoes are whole, ready to be cut into pieces to taste.

But we have another choice, too: fresh tomatoes. Normally, ripe sauce tomatoes are best. Slice, drain and put them through the tomato crusher to remove their skins, or blanch them in hot water to peel them.

Lastly season them with salt, oil, pepper, oregano or red pepper depending on the recipe you are using before you arrange them on the pizza.
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