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That's about two hundred grams, is that right?


How much  does a pizza weigh? Looking at dough made by pizzaiolos, we can guess that on average, in Italy, raw dough weighs about 200 grams. But in fact much depends on how a pizzeria traditionally does things.

If we exclude  mini pizza which should be about half or a little over half a normal pizza, the weight of a pizza varies from the north to the south of Italy: the diameter can be between 29 and 33 cm, but going from Lombardy to Sicily, it can sometimes double in weight.
Of course we need to take into account spreading methods, special doughs and diet doughs, but what really makes the difference is the topping.
If we take a Margherita pizza, the overall dish weighs about 300 grams (excluding the plate), while a Marinara without mozzarella can be as much as 100 grams lighter. If the pizzaiolo is generous, a four seasons pizza can weigh as much as 400 grams!
Of course, special pizzas that some pizzerias make for families (especially in countries other than Italy) are not standard and many are “extra large”. Then there was the record pizza made at the Rome Fairgrounds in December 2012 which had a 40 metre diameter, or the one made forExpo 2015 which weighed more than 5 tonnes!!

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