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Pizza, time to spread it out!

The dough is ready, the pan too, the oven is at the ideal temperature, you are hungry. It is time to spread out the dough! But how do you do it?

Some people use a rolling pin, but this is not actually the right way to get a good, light base with air pockets.

The dough needs to be handled gently! We start by dusting the surface, then we place the dough on it, and begin spreading it out with our fingertips delicately “pressing down and out”, making sure we leave it thicker around the edge, turn it over and repeat the process on the other side.

At this point, there are a number of different schools of thought on the manual process of spreading out the dough to fit the shape and size of you pan. Choose the method that best suits you.

Place your hands side by side in the middle of the dough and delicately push it outwards with the palm of your hand, turning it around gradually. You can also use the force of gravity over the edge of a table, continuing to turn it around like in the method above. Some people press firmly with one hand and then another on the dough, alternating and gently pull the edge with the other hand. . Lastly, you can pull and turn the dough while it is draped over your fists.

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