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Pizza? ...hugely popular

At the end of the 1800s, Italian immigrants exported pizza to the United States, but they did not expect it to be a success. According to Coldiretti, the biggest consumer of this typical Italian dish today is actually the United States, with 13 kg per capita a year, meaning an average of 350 slices are consumed a second. Incredible!

So this original and tasty dish that was once carried on the head in a copper container by the first pizza carriers walking through the streets of major cities on the other side of the Atlantic, has been quite the success. The progression from being the first street-food to being sold in restaurants was lightning fast, after all, not many foods are as ingenious as pizza!
Statistics also show that in nearby Canada, they like pizza so much that 35 million Canadians consume 7 1/2 kilos of it!

But going back to dear old (historically speaking) Europe, who eats the most? The Italians! Italy is in first place with 7.6 kg per person. France consumes 5 kg, but in 2013, according to Salon Professionnel Parizza, consumption in this country was as high as 10 kg, moving France up to second place behind the United States and to first place in Europe.
Next comes Spain with 4.3 kg per person, Germany with 4.2 kg, the United Kingdom with 4 kg, Belgium 3.8 kg, Portugal with 3.6 kg and Austria with 3.3 kg.

But the numbers change every year, as some countries compete to see who can eat the most. The fact remains that pizza is about being together, as well as being an excellent food to share, and combining flavours from cuisines all around the world.

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