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Pizza 3D for austronauts

Houston, we have...a pizza!” This might well be the message astronauts send from a space module to the space centre back on earth.

With a 3D printer, it could be a reality in just a few years. What is 3D printing? It is an evolution of the 2D printing we use in the office and at home, only in this case the technology is much more advanced because we can create actual objects right in front of our eyes using raw materials.
So why shouldn't we use it to reproduce food and, naturally, pizza? NASA has set aside the substantial sum of ($125,000) for research in Advanced Food Technology, appointing a company based in Austin, Texas, to handle the project which is creating prototypes for printing edible food.
NASA's study focuses on a 3D food system developed for long space missions because the current program may, in the long term, lead to food deficiencies. They are also studying storage and maintenance of raw materials in space.
Who knows, perhaps one day, on our inter-planetary journeys, we will be able to enjoy a space pizza without getting nostalgic for home. It is still a long way off, but if we're talking about a good pizza, we can wait! usa i cookies per il login, la navigazione, gli acquisti e altre funzioni di tracciamento. Accetta per consentire i cookies.