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Oil for pizza

But should we put any oil in the pizza dough? If we follow STG guidelines for making Naples-style pizza, we do not add oil. But in practice, if we add a quantity in proportion to the dough (see instructions for making Strapizza dough), the pizza certainly takes on more distinct characteristics.

For example, if we want to make a fragrant dough, we use olive oil, and if we use an oil made from seeds, we get a crispier dough.
What's the difference between “fragrant” e “crispy ”? Well, they might sound synonymous, but connoisseurs report a different sensory perception. A fragrant pizza must crunch and the bottom should perceptibly yield to the bite, while a crispy pizza is harder and you should hear an onomatopoeic “crock”.
Which one you prefer is down to personal taste, and it doesn't take much to satisfy the most diverse tastes.
It's a different story, though, when we talk about toppings for our pizza. Italy is a major producer of olive oil recognized internationally as a product with incredible qualities, and one of high quality. Let's use some. And, without hesitation, we prefer Extra Virgin Olive Oil which has not been chemically treated or refined, and which gives our pizza the perfect final touch. usa i cookies per il login, la navigazione, gli acquisti e altre funzioni di tracciamento. Accetta per consentire i cookies.