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Mozzarella for pizza

... we take a pan and spread the pizza dough out by hand to the edges of the pan, we cover it with a few tablespoons of tomato and then mozzarella...yes, but what kind?

Of course, we don't have a pizzeria quality oven at home, which cooks quickly at a high temperature.

In the electric or gas ovens we typically have in our kitchens, we have to find the right compromise for the temperature which, however, gives us a choice. Mozzarella, a pulled curd cheese, is available in a single serving, ready to be eaten fresh, without being cooked.

Just open the package and drain the liquid it is preserved in, and it's ready to eat. But to make home-made pizza we need to consider the cooking process, mozzarella releases a lot of water which, as you can imagine, would ruin the appearance and taste of our pizza, not to mention modify the quality of the mozzarella itself.

But mozzarella is also available labelled as being “for pizza”, and it is normally found in compact logs. This type of cheese is suitable because it contains less fat and less water and therefore it melts in the oven without getting watery. It can be cut into strips or cubes and arranged on the tomato without needing to be drained.

A good solution, wouldn't you think?

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