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Freestyle pizza makers, or acrobatic pizza

Here we are, in the world of pizza, in that niche of entertainment only this dish has to offer.

When a pizza maker spins the dough with an effortless, rapid movement, he makes it look so easy! However, being able to handle dough that way and create the "magic of flight" takes hours of training.

Yes, training. Because to be able to master an art that could almost be performed at the circus, it takes a lot of time to refine the techniques, from the basics to the more advanced, for example with two pizzas.

But for the purposes of training, there is no need to throw good dough around the kitchen and risk flinging it into the neighbour's living room and have to start over. Many types of rubber pizzas, in all sorts of colours and with different diameters, are available to use to train with before you start to use real dough, and they stand up much better to acrobatics.

And then there are actual acrobatic pizza championships with judges, where pizza makers, sometimes in teams, compete by creating synchronized choreographies, a just reward for their training.

Pizza makers started out by performing little tricks while they were stretching dough at the counter in the 80's, and this has grown into a speciality that is a discipline in its own right today.

What can we say? Except that we never cease to be amazed by pizza, and it always leaves us with...our mouths wide open!

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