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Edge or no edge

The edge is more commonly referred to as the pizza crust. What purpose does it serve? It is necessary?

Some people like it, some don't. Some people like a thick crust, some like it thin. Some like it full with dough, others hollow.

Is there a standard? In the guidelines, the true Naples-style pizza “features a raised crust, golden brown from being oven-baked, soft to the touch and palette”. But there is an infinite number of types of pizza, enough to suit the infinite tastes of pizza lovers. Then, to tell the truth, it also depends on the seasoning and where we are eating the pizza: sitting at a table, on the sofa, out for a walk, on the train, or anywhere else we might get a particular craving for a pizza.

Picture a deep crust that stops other ingredients from overflowing and dripping onto the bottom of the oven. But for some, the edge is a real work of art because the technique of making a hollow crust can only come with practice and trial and error, and it depends also on the type of dough, leavening and moisture.
Or we can make edges that fold over to encase a surprise filling, for a super stuffed pizza.
Or, different still, edges that are cut and folded over to make the pizza look like a flower, like a daisy, for example, the Italian word for which is a margherita.
There is no doubt: there are no limitations on pizza when it comes to taste and imagination!

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