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Dusting the pizza

When we talk about dusting, we don't mean removing the flour, but rather adding it! So what is it exactly?

To dust we use a specially selected flour on the work surface. Normally we use durum wheat flour for this task; this way we can have a Coarse Dusting of durum flour and a Fine Dusting when we use a finely ground flour.
In reality, this extra ingredient has a much more important role for kneading the dough. It prepares the work surface by removing any excess moisture and thereby helps to prevent the dough from sticking to the table while you knead and spread the pizza, while preventing little clouds of flour from getting everywhere.
But it has a secondary, no less important role! When you put the pizza in the oven, the durum flour does not stick to the dough, but it helps to create a crispy crust, as it does not burn or create an unpleasant smell or taste that affects the final cooked product.
And now it is your turn to try: next time you have a chance, try dusting instead of using regular flour, you'll find your pizza will be even better! usa i cookies per il login, la navigazione, gli acquisti e altre funzioni di tracciamento. Accetta per consentire i cookies.