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Choosing the best flour for your taste

Soft flour (wheat), like Classica by Strapizza, and strong flour, like Farina Gustosa. These are the main types of flour used to make pizza. But other types of wholemeal flour or flour made with other cereals are becoming popular.

They are categorized by grind and particle size, and divided into coarse stone ground soft flour, plain wheat flour, which is finer than stone ground, and lastly soft flour, which is impalpable and superfine, like Farina Bella Napoli by Strapizza.

These three types of flour have the same gluten content, but act differently when used.

Strong flour contains a higher gluten content and this gives it the characteristic of having a strong matrix. Because of this, the flour is ground to a large particle size. Only Manitoba flour has the right properties to be ground finely.

Wholemeal, which includes cereal flour, has the characteristic of being most rich in fibre, like Rustica by Strapizza. It makes a more porous and therefore more fragrant, crumbly and digestible dough.

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