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Bread starter, let's learn at some secrets

Where do we start to make an excellent pizza? With perfect leavening!

The job of yeast in the dough is to increase volume. The dough expands, or rises, until it reaches a light and airy consistency, which gives the taste and aroma to pizza.

But why does the dough expand? The metabolism of special micro-organisms contained in the yeast turns starch and sugar into carbon dioxide. It is the latter inside the dough that makes it expand and makes it soft.


Bread starter is in fact a colony of many types of micro-organisms and it is thanks to these that dough made with bread starter develops richer aromas and tastes, also lengthening its life and making it easier to digest.

Keeping bread starter in the home is not for everyone! It takes care and attention and there are certain rules you need to follow:

  • hygiene first and foremost! Tools, containers and anything else that comes into contact with the starter must be cleaned thoroughly;
  • flour: for storage in the fridge for 5 days, the ideal flour is soft flour with W between 300 and 350 and a p/l (unit of measurement that indicates the elasticity of the dough) of around 0.60;
  • water, with hardness of between 20 and 25°f;
  • the bread starter can then be “refreshed” every two or three days.
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